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                                    Recent Adventures - July 2013

                   Marc & Amy came to visit St Croix while they were between assignments.
                                                MA5  MA6
                                                     We started Marc & Amy's tour at the West End with lunch at Turtle's Deli.

MA10aa  Then we needed some beach time at a West End beach.  It was a gorgeous day.                                                

   MA11  MA14a
                           The ocean at the West End is usually calm, and it certainly was that day.

MA12 MA16
    We parked ourselves in the shade of some palms but we still got a little too much sun.

MA18  MA19  MA20
                     On the way back from the beach, we stopped at Norma's in the Rain Forest and fed the pigs.

                MA21  MA22
                                       Marc got soaked, but Amy managed to keep her distance from the spray. 

                                                   This was Chip's first outing since he broke his elbow.     

                             MA26  MA27 
  We went to Christiansted and sampled the beer at the Brew Pub where Marc got a tour from the brewmaster. 

MA29  We sampled food during Jump-Up, but really enjoyed Tavern 1984.

             The Mocko Jumbies provided good entertainment.    MA30  MA31 

  MA32  The Flaming Gypsies show us their new fire dancing show, too.

           The Central High School Steel Pan Band was great, too.  MA34
   Then we went to the boardwalk and danced to a good band with all of the youngsters.  We've never stayed so late!

           MA35               MA36
         Chip and Gary demonstrated their baking prowess.              Mary Ann and Jamila made some tasty pizza.

            MA37  MA38
               We enjoyed seeing the Salt River Gang for pizza night.  Gary & Cathy are GREAT HOSTS!

  MA39 MA41 MA42
                                                                                                The fellas are all happy.  

                        MA44  Marc admires his Sicily-shaped pizza. 

MA46a   MA45a                                             
We ate dinner at Sand Castles on The Beach for dinner. 

                                     MA47  MA48
                            We toured the Cruzan Rum factory where Clada beat Chip at the hook & nail game.    

                                     MA53  MA54   
           MA62  MA63a
                          Then we went to the Botanical Gardens Mango Melee festival and walked through the garden. 

                    MA64  MA65  
                   We watched the Mango Eating Contest for the first time and it was a hoot.  "No one beats The Bush Man!"                              


                                        It was great seeing Marc & Amy again and look forward to visiting them in Europe!

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