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                                                               Chip and Clada Mosaics   

             We both enjoy mosaic art.  Chip prefers to use a wet band saw and grinder; while Clada prefers to handcut the pieces.    

                    Mosaic Shells1     Mosaic Shells2
  This was our first effort.  Chip didn't have a wet band saw so he used a tile grinder and sander (materials:  travertine and marble).

                       This was our second attempt...we were very pleased with the results.  Pelicans routinely fly by this patio.

                                                      Pelicans4 Pelicans3
                               As each pelican gets larger, there is more detail in the wings (materials:  travertine, marble, granite, and slate)

                                        Pelicans9  Pelicans10                          
                                 The third pelican Chip made was out of scale, so we installed it on a cabinet in the apartment laundry room. 

                                  The Seahorse was made during a class at the Miami Mosaic Academy (materials:  stained glass).

                                                                                                 Clada made some signs for this gate.

                           Sign1  Sign2
                                                                                                  Both signs are made of stained glass.                                                                                                                                                                                            
                              Salt River1  Salt River2
    This was Clada's second mosaic attempt; this is called Salt River Part 1.  There are two walls used to screen a/c compressors. 

Salt River3  Salt River4  Salt River5      
Salt River6   The materials used are:  travertine, stained glass, recycled glass, and granite.

                                                                              Mosaic Shells3

                                                                        Mosaic seaside light fixture (materials:  unglazed porcelain)

                                               Whales1  Two mosaic whales were installed on the whale watching deck.
               Whales2  Whales3
                                                            The materials used were:  slate, granite, marble and Italian porcelain tile.

                     This welcome mat mosaic was installed at the apartment front door.  Materials used:  marble, travertine, and flat rocks.

                                                                            We have two more mosaics in the works!                                                                                                                                                          

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