Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                       St Croix Guests - November/December 2011

                                                      Butch and Karen returned to the island for 3 1/2 weeks.
                     They stayed at Gentle Winds this time; it was great to see them again!

                               KB1     KB2
                   Karen and Butch enjoyed trying to win Bingo again at Off The Wall.  Butch managed to win a free drink.

                        KB5    KB4
             We all joined our neighbors for Thanksgiving and it was quite the feast with two turkeys and a turkey breast.

    KB3  Carol made a beautiful dinner for 16 of us.                         

           KB9  KB10
                  Butch and Karen were here for Christmas Jump-Up, which is a nice wandering street party.

        KB11  KB12
                                                             We went out to dinner to celebrate Karen's birthday.

                    KB13  KB14
                                                  We thought these signs in Fredericksted were very appropriate.

                    KB15  KB16
                    Karen and Butch wanted to watch the sunset at Bernie's Beachside Cafe for their last night here. 

KB18 KB19
                                            Chip, of course, managed to provide us with a little entertainment.

                                 KB21  KB22
                                                                                 It was a beautiful night!                       

                                            We look forward to seeing Karen and Butch again in St Croix! 

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