Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                            Step 21 - Landscaping  (This step happens repeatedly, too!)
                                              CLADA WORKS ON THE LANDSCAPING WHENEVER SHE HAS FREE TIME.

                                  Banana1   Banana2
                                                         She started with banana trees and pineapple plants.

                      Rock Wall1  Stone Wall Grows 
                                                                Excavation churns up rocks which she re-locates to the banana grove.

    grape trees growing  grape trees growing2
                                  The sea grape trees are slowing growing

                              tomato plant2  tomato plant
                           A tomato plant started growing from the sludge we used--we were thrilled to have fresh tomatoes!

         crotons growing  Joseph gave us four croton leaf branches and these are growing, too!

                  ginger thomas seeds sprouted  ginger thomas seeds sprouted2
                                Winston gave us some wild Ginger Thomas seeds and these are growing as well 

                       first bananas2   first bananas
                                     Our banana trees have grown and we have our first hand--it is a huge one!!! 

More free topsoil     We took the rest of the free top soil in preparation for future landscaping

                                     Stanley prepositions some top soil for us    Stanley manuevers top soil


                                               Planting Palms
      Much much later, when Joseph and crew had a little extra time while we were waiting on the windows to arrive on island,
            they planted the two large Spindle Palms for me.

  Retaining Wall Grass is Removed  Top Soil Added  Retaining Wall Planted
                                                       Clada planted the retaining wall next to the apartment.

  Front Garden  Side View of Garden    Apartment garden
                                  This his how the garden looked three months later...                                                one year later....

Before Photo   More oyster plants
                                                                    Before....                                After....
   Christmas Palms Grow   Slow growing palms   Manspace Garden
    The Christmas palms are over a year old.        The Queen palms are almost 6 months old....           now they are a year old

    Agave1  Agave2   garden center  

             Clada now does some of her own plantings...these are primarily Agaves...              and she has added more to the "greenhouse."

      manspace1  The manspace plantings are coming along.
hillside rocks
 Working on a hillside which is steeper than it looks, is a painful process.  We hope it grows because Clada isn't doing it again.

                    Hillside garden             
Hillside Growing 1 yr 
                         This is the garden 5 months later.                           This is the garden 1 year later.

Drainfield landscaping growing  Clada has added a section to the drainfield and it is growing very well.

  Lower landscaping     
Manspace garden3  
       This is the latest section planted, in front of the lower pumproom.                  Here is how it looks six months later.

                                                                    Wheelbarrow sees lots of use...

Patrick's rocks2  Patrick's rocks  Clada moves rocks2
       We needed more rocks, so Patrick, our trucker, let us go to his place and load up the truck a couple of times...
          Clada moves rocks  front garden3
                                    Clada places the rocks indiviudally...

planting mixstairs landscaped   Clada relocates plants  stairs landscaped2
        Clada mixes her own soil for planting and then spreads it              Clada uses "borrowed" plants....   to create a new garden

                Landscape fills in  Succulent plants do very well in the windy, salt-sprayed environment.
          Chip installs electrical landscaping                     Pumproom garden2  Leachfield Cont
     Chip installs drip irrigation electrical                                Clada expanded the pumproom and leachfield gardens

                                New front patio garden  New lower pumproom garden
               Clada planted
a few more gardens, then the Water Commissioner (Chip) said no more until the cisterns are full.

  View of House
  The hillside stays green even in the dry season.

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