Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                     Step 72 - Finishing the Garage Interior

We have been storing materials and tools in the garage so Chip cleaned it out so we could paint it.
              Ceiling1  Garage Ceiling2  Garage Ceiling3
   The wood for the ceiling was primed before it was installed.  Before we could paint it, it had to be cleaned and touched up.
             Chip had to do the center because he had long arms; Chip doesn't get on the scaffold without safety bars! 

              Paint1  Garage Paint2  Garage Paint3
                                                 Chip prepped all of the surfaces so we could have it spray-painted.

              Paint4  Peter didn't like the scaffold and used a ladder instead to spray it.

              Paint5  Garage6
                             Chip installed the garage door openers and hooked one up with an extension cord until we get power upstairs.

   Garage Floor2                       
                                                          We applied epoxy to the floor and we're now done with the garage!

                                Of course, our electrician pointed out that we still need power...oh well.

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