Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                 Step 70 - Installing the Apartment and Workshop Air Conditioning

We have lived in the apartment for three years without air conditioning.  We discovered we only needed it a few days a year;
     however, we were tired of looking at the "mooseheads" in the walls, so we decided to go ahead and install it.  It is nice to have
     and it works great, but Clada prefers to sleep with the fresh air and sound of the ocean, so we have only used it a few times.
     We do run the a/c as a de-humidifier in Chip's workshop (almost continuously) to keep his tools from rusting.

                                            ac1       ac2
            The copper piping was installed when we build the house.  Larry installed the electrical and a/c units.

                ac3  ac4  ac5
                                              Two units worked perfectly, but we had to troubleshoot one.

                           ac6  Larry fixed a crimp and we were good to go.

                    Here's what it looks like from upstairs.  It's lovely!   ac7

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