Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                               Step 65 - Mosaic Screen Wall

Clada wanted to practice her newly learned mosaic skills, so she designed and is installing a mosaic on the INSIDE of the air
    conditioning compressor screen wall.  Yes, she knows most people will never see it, but it was a great place to hone her skills
    and learn to use the hammer and hardee on travertine.  She plans to mosaic the outside of the wall once the inside is done.
mo1  mo2  mo3
       Clada uses a hammer and hardee to make travertine tesserae.  Chip uses a tile saw to cut rods from scrap or leftover travertine tile.

mo4  mo5  mo6
   Clada then cut thick glass in half  and applied it to the wall.  Most of the mosaic is installed using the direct method of application.

            MO9  MO10  MO11
                                                      After the vines and leaves were completed, she filled in the background,
                                                     using a lighter Mexican travertine to contrast with the Turkish travertine.

                       MO12  MO13
                                                 The wall is visible from the upstairs patio, as well as the workshop window.

                                  MO14          MO15
                                                               Clada made the frogs using the indirect method. 
                                   They are made of stain glass tesserae installed on Wedi board that Chip cut to fit a pattern.

            MO18     MO17
                                                 This is what the first wall looks like before grouting.

          MO27   MO26
                                           This is how the wall looks after grouting.  Clada calls it "Salt River Part 1".

MO21      MO22
                                    These are what the frogs look like close up when they are installed.

                                           MO24  MO25  
                                                            The leaves are glass, travertine and granite.

                                              Here's what the first wall looks like from the upper patio.

                   We had so much rain that Clada made the glass frogs before she even started on the second wall mosaic.

Frogs4  Since there is a size difference between the glass and stone, Chip cut a backer for the glass.
AC Wall17 AC Wall18
AC Wall19
                             AC Wall20  AC Wall21
                                         This shows the stages of the mosaic, before the frogs and background are installed.

                                                  Clada Grouts
              AC Wall  Clada grouts A/C
                                                  Clada grouted while Chip was the grout mixer and "sponge wringer".

                                  MO30     MO31
                                    The interior of the air conditioning screen wall finally done.  It was fun to do.

                   Mosaic a/c
              wall1  Mosaic a/c wall2
                                                 Clada has started another mosaic on the other side of the wall. 

                                                  It's coming along VERY slowly since Clada is working on other mosaics.



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