Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                    Step 64 - Tiling the Pelican Patio
This is a painful step.  Our patios are perfectly level, and we need them to slope so water drains properly. 
Consequently, we doing a whole lot of work, slowly building a slope on the patios.  We wish we had poured them with the right slope...
                                   Leveling1    Leveler2
                Our first step was to level out an area where water pooled.  We hadn't had any leaks, but we want to play it safe.
       We've done a lot more work, but we're both working so hard spreading thinset or mortar that there is no one to take pictures.

          Once we built up the slope on the patios, we were ready to start tiling.  Rainy weather caused this project to be extraordinarily slow!

                                PT11  Clada and Chip worked pretty well together laying the tile. 

                            We don't do anything the easy way.  Of course we have to have mosaics installed on our patios!
                           Chip constructed the pelicans last took us forever to get to the actual installation of the birds.

                     PT13  PT14  Pt15
     Three pelicans were painful to install; Chip had to make a 4th pelican because Pelican #3 was too small in perspective.

PT16  PT17  PT19
                                   Chip re-designed the pelican to make him larger so he looked better flying in formation.  

                            PT19  PT20
                               After cutting out the new pelican, Chip had to re-cut the background tile to reflect the larger bird.

                                  PT21  PT22
              PT23  PT24  PT25
                                                              Installation of the pelicans was a team effort. 
                       The travertine, marble, and granite tile was different thicknesses, so we installed the bird in sections.

                PT27  The main body was installed first.

              PT28   PT30
                            Chip cleaned out the joints, and then we installed the wing tips and head pieces individually.        
                                           This operation was repeated 3 times since we had 3 pelicans to install.

                                                     Whew!  This patio is finally done. We love how the pelicans came out.

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