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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                       Step 62 - Building an Entertainment Center in the Apartment

A TV cabinet fell really low on our priority list...we haven't had television since June 2008.                                           
                                         EC1        EC2
                     Chip has constructed the upper portion of the entertainment center and I have got several coats of finish on it.

     Ent Cen1  Ent Cen2  Ent Cen3
      Chip starts to glue it up.  The Gentle Winds job took a lot more time than we planned, so this was put on the back burner.

                           Cabinet Glue Up
   cabinet glue up2
                        The top gets glued up, except for the trim.   The final coats of finish are applied after glue-up.

bottom glue up bottom glue up2 ready for finishing2

              Ready for finishing  The bottom is then glued-up and dry-fitted, and then finished.
  It takes 4 of us to move the bottom of the entertainment center downstairs.  Cabinet on dollies 

           Cab light
   Line routered   Surge Protector
                                                         Chip installed a swing arm lamp and two surge protectors.

                                                 Stereo fabric  Stereo fabric2
                                                     Then he installed the fabric that covers the stereo bass and speakers.   

                            This is how it looks installed...Chip still has to finish up the wine rack that connects to the kitchen cabinets.

                          The stereo components are protected from salt spray.      We have a great place to stash the laptop, too.

                                                           Ent Ctr1
                                                              The entertainment center is getting lots of use. 

                                         Ent Ctr6  Ent Ctr7
                                         AND YES...AFTER THREE YEARS WE NOW HAVE SATELLITE TELEVISION!
                                        (We rarely watch television, but Chip is thrilled to have it for football games.)

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