Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                 Step 60 - Building an A/C Screen Wall

              AC Wall13  Clada had to trim the dwarf ficus bush since it had grown over the a/c pad.

                   AC Wall14  AC Wall15  AC Wall10
                                          Chip drilled holes for the rebar, and then he had to cut the rebar to the proper length.

                            AC Wall16 AC Wall7
                                                         Chip built the interior wall first; then he installed 6-inch snapties,
                    AC Wall6
and next used epoxy to install the rebar into the concrete.
                 AC Wall8AC Wall9AC Wall11
Chip borrowed a heavy duty steal bender from a friend so the could bend the rebar around the corners.

                                          AC Wall5   The steel is completed.

                     AC Wall4  Chip constructs the outer portion of the form wall.

                 AC Wall3      AC Wall2
Chip braces the wall well, so we won't have any bulging when we pour.
                                                         buiBearded One
                    Chip (AKA The Bearded One) is pleased with the results.  Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of the concrete pour...
                                we were too busy wheeling 5 gallon buckets of concrete over to the form and pouring them in by hand. 
                               We were exhausted by the time this wall was done--we handled over 40 buckets with just the two of us!

                                                               AC Wall Done
This is what the finished wall looks like.

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