Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                                  Step 41 - Cypress Ceilings

                   The two cypress ceilings were a lot of work--rafters had to be painted before the
                   varnished cypress could be installed.  Clada did all the painting to save a few bucks
Rafter Girl  Rafter Girl2  Rafter Girl3
                           Clada kicked butt on the rafters!  She painted two finish coats after having primed them on the ground.
       mbr ceiling started  mbr ceiling done  mbr ceiling done2
                                                         We put the cypress on the master bedroom first.

    Cypress organized2
Cypress organized Grt room ceiling started
           Then we tackled the great room...the cypress came in all different lengths and colors, since we used a clear varnish,  
                                      so the cypress had to be sorted and then the best match handed up to the roof.   

               Grt room ceiling started
                            Here's a view from the outside.

                roof felt1roof felt3
                       We had to install the felt paper as we installed the cypress to protect it from rain showers.

     And then the primed plywood is installed.      Plywood sawed

Grt Room ceiling   Grt Room ceiling2  Grt Room ceiling3
                                                This is the finished roof in the great room.

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