Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                    Step 37 - Extending Large Retaining Wall and Installing Plumbing Lines
Excavation1  Excavation2  Excavation3
       Art told us about a small backhoe that could access the area next to the septic tank--very challenging area to work!

            Excavation4  Drain pipe goes in  Art fine tunes2
                                                        We were glad to use the machine to dig Art's plumbing lines 
                     Excavation5  footing dug
                                      But digging the 5 foot wide footing was even more worked out great!

          Footing collapsefooting collapse2footing collapse3
                After forming the footing, we got 2 inches of rain in an hour which ruined the footing--bah humbug

    Edward cleans footing  Chip checks redo  retaining wall footing reconstructed
      Edward and I cleaned it out enough to get to the steel, then Gus, Edward and Sylvan took it apart and we all cleaned steel,
                               and then they got to put it back together again.  Talk about Groundhog Day.  
                    Footing poured  Joseph finishes footing
                                            We were thrilled to get it poured before it collapsed again! 

        Retaining wall formed  We quickly built the first section of the wall before it caved in again.    

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