Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                    Step 36 - Smaller, But Necessary Concrete Work
                             THE METER WALL

Meter wall footing Chip rakes meter wall footing   The footing is poured first
Meter wall nextCreaking 
                                               Then the walls are formed and poured--Chip says "whoa" to vibrating since he heard creaking

                                                            Meter wall done    This is the back of the meter wall


Sidewalk formed  Sidewalk next Sidewalk next2
                                                                     We've wanted to do this sidewalk downstairs for ages. 

                sidewalk next3  sidewalk and retaining wall done  The sidewalk drains great, too!

                                                           field repair
        We poured six different things on this day, and Chip's shoe blew out on him, but he expediently fixed it with tie wire...


                        Steps formed  Steps last
                                                The steps were a lot of work, too, but they came out nice...
                        steps done steps done 2


ac pad formed2  Larry cleans up ac lines  Wrapped and ready
          The pad was formed, and Larry came just in time to position the pipes where he wanted them.

                     Anthony pumps   ac pad next 
                          Anthony pumped this one                                     Tony was his hose handler

     Clada edges ac padClada edges ac pad2
                                Clada edge the pad...everyone worked hard on this pour with so much going on.
                ac pad done  It is nice having more concrete and less dirt!               

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