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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                Step 24 - The 100-Yard Pour:  Main Level Foundation
                                      THIS IS THE BIGGEST POUR WE WILL DO...AND IT WENT SURPRISINGLY WELL!

                        Boom Truck2     We're using a boom truck for the first was awesome!

 Ready for Concrete    There was lots of preparation before we wanted concrete to flow.

Footings Poured First
Boom TruckWindow Seat Poured
             We were ready to go at 0715 and the first truck arrived at 0800...for the first 11 trucks, we always had one in the hopper,
                           just waiting to load the pumper,
which is awesome support from the concrete company!  Woo hoo!

Guest Bedroom Poured5Guest Bedroom Poured4Guest Bedroom Poured3Guest Bedroom Poured2Guest Bedroom Poured 
                                                                                            We poured the guest bedroom first.

Carlos Does Slump Test2   Carlos came out from the plant and conducted slump tests.  

Next, we poured the Master Bedroom 
Master Bedroom PouredMaster Bedroom Poured2

Great Room Poured Great Room Poured2 Great Room Poured3
                                                                  And then we poured the Great Room, Dining Area and Kitchen

Foyer Poured   Then, the foyer, half bath, and laundry room was poured.

Garage Poured2Power Troweling BeginsGarage Finished
                               The garage was poured last and given a good finish by Tom, our flatwork specialist who directed the team.

   Big Pour Done2
Big Pour Done
                We were pleased with how the floor turned out, especially considering the large size of the pour and the small size of the team!

                                             Happy Campers     See those smiling faces!!!!

        Unbelievable...the weather cooperated, we were able to rent one of only two power trowels on the island, the concrete flowed like magic,
                               the pump truck worked perfectly, all of the help showed up, and the chemical additives worked their magic. 
                                                               We started pumping concrete at 8am and were done by 2pm.  
                                                    (One day later, the concrete plant lost power and couldn't make concrete.)

First Guest  Keith stopped by to see how the pour went and was our first guest at the "Open House!"

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