Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                                Step 21 - Landscaping  Part 2
                                                                           CLADA CONTINUES TO LANDSCAPE.

                                      More seagrapes         More seagrapes2                                   
                                                     Clada added more seagrape plants at the base of the lower driveway hill.

    Side landscaping   Since painting was complete, we planted
the sides of the cistern.  

HIllside11  HIllside12           
                 Then we tackled the north hillside.  This is what it looked like before we took a wacker, chainsaw and pickaxe to it.                

                                  HIllside10  HIllside13 
                                                                    Chip spent several days clearing the hillside. 
Hillside8  Hillside cleared
     Clada helped haul the brush to the dumpster and had to jump on the branches and flatten them so we could fit more in.

         Side landscaping2  
Then Clada started planting the side of the hill.  

                           She used a pickaxe to dig up the grass and then planted more than 150 plants.

HIllside7HIllside9HIllside6                                  HIllside4HIllside5 
Hillside2  Clada tackled the lower hill a section at a time over the summer.

            Filling In 1 
Hillside Filling In 2  HIllside Filling In 4
                    The hillside continues to fill in; we had lots and lots of rain this year, probably 30% higher than usual.

                              Patio plants
            grow Workshop plants grow2

                                               The patio gardens next to the workshop continue to mature.
    Workshop plants grow3 
Spider Lily
                  Workshop Plants
            Grow4 Workshop plants grow  Gardens Grow
                                                                      Lots of the plants are blooming.                

The landscaping continues to grow on the front hillside.   Scavolae grows 

                                        Front hill
                         The landscaping is really visible during the winter when the grass is brown.   

       Green Island2  Green
          Island3  Green Island4

                               We have had a lot of rain the past year, so the landscaping is looking very lush.

         Weed Pulling  Clada has to pull lots of weeds so she can install fabric and rocks. 

            Plants1                                 Broken Palm1  Broken Palm2
Clada planted a few new plants on the front hillside.   Two Christmas Palms have died, probably due to a beetle that eats them from the inside out.



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