Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                                            Step 48 - Garage Doors

                                    GD1  GD2
        Our friends, Keith, Larry, and Greg helped us install the garage doors.

Oops...something isn't quite right...but easily fixed.         

                                The door is first tacked into place.  GD4

  GD5  GD6  GD7
The door has to be leveled.  Chip checks the directions, which are truly awful.

         GD8  GD9  GD10
Side rails are installed.                                          Clada figures these brackets out.

    GD11  GD12  GD13
Top rails are installed.

  GD14  GD15  GD16
Then the spring is installed, thanks to Keith's special tool.

                       The door worked fine.                                                Too bad one of the panels came dented. 
                                                                                           It took 8 weeks to get another one, and it was the wrong size.
                                                                                  Then it took another 8 weeks to get the right one...that's life in the islands...

                               GD18  GD19
We relaxed on the South patio after the garage door was installed.  Life is good.

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