Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                   Step 44 - Plastering and the Apartment
                                 Clada Washes with Muriatic Acid                     Chip Pressure Washes
                           Clada washes walls with muriatic acid and then Chip pressure washes.

           JGS build kitchen wall   Joseph, Gus and Sylvan built a false kitchen wall next to the cistern. 


SandCountry and Augustin mix plasterPlaster debris
               Sand is delivered, the Augustin and Country mixed it with cement, Acryl 60, and water. 
    Unfortunately, due to the high winds, the plaster didn't adhere everywhere and had to be redone...a painful process.

                           Pony wall1  Pony Wall2
                               Chip constructed the pony wall that separates the kitchen and living room.

               Art installed the propane gas line for the kitchen stove.     Stove Gas Line

  Chip trims electrical boxes  Glenmore installs boxes  Glenmore applies heat  Kitchen wires
      Chip trimmed the boxes .             Glenmore installed the boxes, heated gray pipe to connect them, and then pulled wires.

Chip cleans up2  Chip continually cleans up the job site...

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