Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                             Step 61 - Installing Doors in the Apartment
        (Yes, we know this step should have already been completed, but we seemed to have other priorities!)

       Doors5  Doors7   Doors8
                      Our friend, Kevin, owned a nice door hinge jig, so he showed Chip how to use it by installing the first door. 

Doors2  Doors3  Doors4  
                                              Chip installed the next two doors by himself.  This is not as easy as it looks!

                        Doors6  Doors10     Doors9
                             We used stainless steel hinges.                              Yeah...we finally have a bathroom door

  But then we had to take them down for 5 coats of finish.

                                           Door jam                   Door Trim
                Chip installed the door jams that Clada pre-finished; the trim was installed after the doors were fitted.

                          Final Doors  Final Doors2  Final Doors3
                                        This is what the doors look like after final installation.  Woo hoo!

     We still have two louvered doors to complete, but they required spray finishing so we're going to do them separately.

     In return for his help, Chip lends Kevin a hand during concrete pours.   Doors11
  Small Door  Chip made a small door for a bathroom cubby hole.

                          Louver Doors2                               Louver Doors2
           The louver doors were completed a year later...they required over 40 hours of hand sanding, plus lots of room because
           the stain and varish and to be applied with a sprayer.  Chip got better and better since these were sprayed 6 times.

                                             Louver Doors3         Louver Door4
                   The last of the apartment doors are installed.  All we have left is a little trim on the laundry room door.
                            We stained the laundry room doors with red brown stain before using oil-based polyeurathane.

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